Guess what I got in the mail today?!?



opps, oh ya…not the best lighting

My motor mount inserts! They fit perfect! Can’t wait to try them on the car. Great job Kirk!

High and Tight Brake Booster brace installed

Okay so the fiance has the digi so I will take pics later and I have yet to drive it, but I wanted to let u all know I got it installed no problem. Again great service from Twos R Us. Thanks guys.

I will have pics and a review later



Here is how clean the inside of the intake surge tank was:

Also the car has roughly ~44k miles on it.

I think it looks pretty good so far, thoughts?

Intake removed

Did some work tonight 🙂

Spark plug

Just pulled this out on my lunch break.

My midnight delivery!

So my story begins…

My garage so cold and empty…

Then out of the darkness…a light… … with this:

with much groaning and some big 2x4s here it rests:


AE111 Blacktop with 6-speed transaxle

Swap to come within the next year 🙂

Disney World Wide of Sports Meet