Autocross prep and run

This weekend I went to my first autocross in over 8 years. I did some prep on the car to make sure everything was in order. Front and rear suspension bolts got a once over to ensure everything was nice and tight. Brake and clutch fluids were checked, as was engine oil. Also while the front wheels were off I cleaned out the wheel well that had a nice collection of leaves in it. Finally I checked if my ’86 spare would fit over my ’87+ brakes, it just barely clears!

The Martin autocross went well, I ended up with 4th in the Novice class. It was super hot but I had a good time.

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Plastidip came off today!

Plastidip came off today 🙂

Another successful Friday night meet-up

We had another great meet up at Ale House last night. We had a few folks show up for the first time and a few regulars 🙂

2nd Cruise and Lunch East Orlando Meet up

Yesterday I hosted the 2nd Cruise and Lunch MR2 Meet up. We ended up with 4 MKIIIs, 1 MKII, and my MKI. The weather was great, although a bit hot, and the cruise went off without a hitch. Thanks to all that came out and I look forward to planning another 🙂

All photos taken by Arvin Charles

There she sat…

She sat all weekend and looks like she really wants to go for a spin 🙂

Exhaust Smoke

Filmed some exhaust smoke I was seeing out of the rear view mirror

Ale House Meet up 7/12/13

A small group of us gathered again this week at Ale house to hang out and talk cars. Good company, good conversation. I’m glad this Central Flordia group has started small “no-frills” meet ups to just hang out.

All For Charity Car Show for Boys Town

I went out with a few guys from work to the All For Charity Car Show for Boys Town yesterday. Attendance was lacking but I had a good time meeting some car owners and helping out a good cause. I ended up winning Best Toyota (in a field of one) 😉

Interior cleaned up

Got my interior cleaned up for a charity car show this weekend.

Seat Belt Retractors

Did some work on the passenger side belt tonight. I took the retractor out and per the above quote re-lubricated the assembly. I also wiped down the belt, but it seemed pretty clean. It made it a lot smoother but in the end I really didn’t notice any difference when retracting the belt, it still hangs. I am guessing the spring is just worn out and isn’t as strong when it gets near the end of the belt. I might look at getting the retrators off my parts car and seeing if I can safely wind the spring a bit tighter. It looks like it would require removing the clear plastic cover and not losing a finger in the process.