Autocross prep and run

This weekend I went to my first autocross in over 8 years. I did some prep on the car to make sure everything was in order. Front and rear suspension bolts got a once over to ensure everything was nice and tight. Brake and clutch fluids were checked, as was engine oil. Also while the front wheels were off I cleaned out the wheel well that had a nice collection of leaves in it. Finally I checked if my ’86 spare would fit over my ’87+ brakes, it just barely clears!

The Martin autocross went well, I ended up with 4th in the Novice class. It was super hot but I had a good time.

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Strut Bars

I also got some Cusco strut bars from the parts trader section and they showed up today as well:

I was a bit unsure to switch to the front Cusco bar as I had a stock ’88 bar installed and it seemed a bit beefier. But I figured the full ring using all 3 strut top bolts would do better than the 2 bolts used by the stock bar. Thoughts?

Rear Hub

So my passenger’s side rear hub was still messed up as I was concerned about here, so I was pricing out new parts when I realized I could get the part off my parts car and save a few bucks. The car has been out in the elements but I figure the hub/bearing/axle should still be sealed and in good condition. If I had known the effort it was gonna take to get the parts off the car I might have gone with new 🙂

I took the lug nuts off and the wheel didn’t budge no matter how hard I tried. I gave up for the day and my Dad and I came back the next day drilled and tapped holes for a puller and finally pulled the wheel off. A few of the other control arms were rusted out so we ended up having to cut some if out with a saw.

Bearing replaced

A buddy at a local Toyota dealership is really hooking me up. He had a tech press my new bearing in without issue. Once it was all back together the hub seemed a bit loose as it was able to slide in and out of the bearing races. This was cause for some concern but I figured once I got the axle bolted in it will all tighten up (right?).

I bolted everything up loose just to do a fit check and it seemed to go back together okay. Once the axle was installed and bolted in everything seemed (as hoped) to tighten up and there was no play in the hub.

Bearing came in

I ordered a new bearing, snap ring, and seal kit for the passenger rear hub.  Looking over the BGB it might be a bit more than I want to try to tackle so I’ll be looking for a shop that can press the old bearing out, measure that the hub is still within spec, and then press in the new bearing.


Hub Repair

I took off the offending hub tonight. I couldn’t get the rotor off so I am gonna let it soak in a little WD-40 tonight and see if I have better luck tomorrow.

Passenger side rear wheel:


Hub removed

The ring piece just kinda fell off exposing the ball bearings, guess it was spent