Seat Belt Retractors

Did some work on the passenger side belt tonight. I took the retractor out and per the above quote re-lubricated the assembly. I also wiped down the belt, but it seemed pretty clean. It made it a lot smoother but in the end I really didn’t notice any difference when retracting the belt, it still hangs. I am guessing the spring is just worn out and isn’t as strong when it gets near the end of the belt. I might look at getting the retrators off my parts car and seeing if I can safely wind the spring a bit tighter. It looks like it would require removing the clear plastic cover and not losing a finger in the process.

Maintenance and Seat Cleaning

While doing an oil change yesterday I found this. I don’t know how long it’s been missing, but it’s now been replaced.

Lastly I wanted to clean my seats a little bit but was always scared I would mess them up somehow. I finally grew a pair today and scrubbed them with some warm water and dawn. The results were awesome!

Before / After

Subwoofer repair

After working on the radio I decided to see the state of the stock sub. Removing the seat and sub showed the speaker to be in pretty bad shape!

It wasn’t moving at all when playing music and when I measured continuity across the contacts it measured open, bad speaker. I should have a replacement on the way and hope to get it all back in working order. 🙂

My speaker (12-264TAP) showed up 2 days early, install was a breeze, and it sounds pretty good.

Stock Radio with aux input

I got a bug to install a factory radio. The original stereo had broken awhile back when my Dad still owned the car and he has installed a new head unit with CD. I was okay with losing CD ability (and picking up tape ability!) as long as I could add an aux input. My Dad had added an input to the original stereo so we knew it could be done but any documentation on the mod was lost so we had to start from scratch. I picked up a radio in great shape from a fellow board member and we got to work.

We were able to power the radio with a DC supply and probe around with the oscilloscope to see where the audio went and where might a good spot to tap our own signal in.

We ended up using the 3 pin connector seen at the bottom of the picture above. Running two wire pairs out of the back of the radio I am able to use a switch to control which input the radio sees (my aux input, or the radio/cassette input).

This should be a short video of the switching in action.

The final install of the switch and radio should happen tomorrow 🙂

Well I had an issue with the left channel dropping out on the radio (unrelated to the aux input mod) so I had to trace the signal back through the left amp and reflowed a few connections on the amp and also the volume control. After all that the left channel seems to be working much more reliably.

Old new stereo

New old stereo

I got the radio installed without much issue. On the driver’s side pop-out (on the left below the radio) you can see a very subtle switch. This is what switches between the radio/cassette and my aux input. On the right in the back you can see the floating 3.5mm jack. Instead of mounting it somewhere I left it as a cable so I can tuck it away if I want.

Also a few of these showed up in the mail today from Amazon. Having the aux input really eliminates the need for cassettes but I think it will be fun to have some in the car.

Shifter Upgrades

HUGE thanks to YELLOWJACKET, he mailed me a 6-speed pattern that he had for behind the shifter and it looks awesome! (By the way it’s the only one he had!)

I sprayed some clear coat on it to help protect it.

and now installed, it looks super good!

Today’s addition, OEM shift boot

I picked up a leather shift knob from a super generous MKI owner at a local meet, I love the feel.

A few more upgrades…

Today’s upgrade is new eyelids!

New clutch pedal!

Not many upgrades have been happening over the past few months. Just recently though I replaced the broken ring around the passenger side AC vent, made my best shift pattern to date, and worked on the radiator area by cleaning the top of the radiator, painting the mounting brackets, and trimming the cover a bit more.

Dome Light

Tonight I fixed my dome light not coming on when set to “door”. The light would turn on when set to ON, and the “Door” light on the console would come on when I opened the doors, so it appeared the courtesy door switches were working, that voltage was getting to the light, and that the bulb was good.

I took a look at the schematic and guessed that there wasn’t a good ground connection when set to “DOOR”. The switch consists of a spring loaded ball that connects two contact points depending on it’s position. Using some alcohol I cleaned the ball as best I could and used some mild sand paper to clean up the contact points. Using a DMM I was able to measure a better connection now from the bulb to the connection wired to the door courtesy switches and eventually ground. I re-installed the light and it now worked like a champ in all settings! Now I need to replace the rotted light cover 🙂

Got a new dome light lens from the dealer today, PN 81241-20060. Much better than the old one that was cracked and falling apart.

Arm Rest and Shift Pattern

Today I recovered the arm rest on the center console as it had cracked where I usually put my elbow. The process went pretty smooth, my Dad had repaired it once already so we just pulled off his covering, cut a new piece to fit, sprayed with general adhesive, and folded it all over! Turned out pretty good I think and should last for a few years 🙂

The next little project is going to be updating the little metal plate on the center console that has the shift pattern. I pulled the one out of my parts car that has the shift pattern missing and I am going to try and put on/transfer the pattern I saved off of the Levin clip

I got the arm rest installed and made some progress on the shift pattern:

I found some inkjet window decal sheets I had from another project and printed the pattern on there. So I painted the plate white and will mask off the pattern and respray the top black with a clear coat to protect it all. That’s the idea anyway 🙂