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HUGE thanks to YELLOWJACKET, he mailed me a 6-speed pattern that he had for behind the shifter and it looks awesome! (By the way it’s the only one he had!)

I sprayed some clear coat on it to help protect it.

and now installed, it looks super good!

Today’s addition, OEM shift boot

I picked up a leather shift knob from a super generous MKI owner at a local meet, I love the feel.

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The MR2 has been doing pretty well.  I had one of my old tires blow out, due to dry rot I think (they sat for over 6 years), and I was debating for awhile what tire to replace them with.  I really wanted the Falken 615Ks but they were a little out of my price range so instead of having the car sit during this really nice weather I went with some cheaper Falken Ziex ZE-512s.  They are doing great so far and I am glad to have the car back on the road without having to worry about anymore dry rot problems.

The rear bearing that I replaced does not seem to be fixed.  I think the actual hub is worn out and will need to be replaced.  Soon I will look at replacing the bearing again and the hub as well this time.

I also recently lost one of the eyelids, a trim piece that fits between the headlight and the body.  Not sure exactly what I am going to do in terms of replacing it just yet, still doing some research.

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