She starts!

Well she cranks but won’t start. It looks like I am getting no fuel. If I looked at the schematic right the fuel pump should get 12v when the ignition is in the “ON” position. The 20v is a little different in that the ground for the circuit opening relay coil comes from the ECU and not the AFM and the ECU doesn’t seem to be providing the needed ground. I checked for codes, got an error for no O2 sensor, so plugged that in and rechecked for codes but the ECU returned none.

About the fuel. I guess the 20v doesn’t have the fuel pump on while the ignition is in the “ON” position. I ended up disconnecting the fuel pump, grounding the COR myself, measuring 12v at the pump, reconnecting fuel pump and waiting…waiting…waiting…THEN came the fuel. I guess with dropping the tank it takes a fair amount of time for gas to fill the lines back up. Now with fuel coming I found a leak at the filter, fixed that, but still no start. Pulled the high tension wire off the distributor and had my wife start the car while I checked for spark. Spark was there and next time I tried to crank her over she started!

Transmission Mods / Motor Install!

Tonight I picked up my old transmission as I’ll be needing a few parts from it. It was mid-repair as the shop was looking for parts.

HUGE progress today! I got the transmission modified, bolted to the motor, and got the motor in the car! It was a very long day and I know for sure I am going to sleep well tonight. Tomorrow will consist of hooking up coolant lines, wiring harness, filling fluids, and trying to start her up.

New Transmission

Today, a day early, my “new to me” C-160 showed up in the mail. Everything looked to be in great condition. I made a Friday appointment at my local performance shop to have the rework done to the transmission housing (hold drilled, flange for seal welded on). I plan to pick up my old C-160 from the shop it’s been at tomorrow to get the reworked selector shaft and end cap. Tonight I took the motor off the stand and got the flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate re-installed. The motor is ready for its transmission. If the mod goes well on Friday I should be looking to install the motor this Saturday. I still have a few loose ends to tie up including getting gas, a battery, checking that I have all other fluids (oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid), picking up the selector shaft seal from Toyota, and checking on insurance and registration. Phew, it’s getting close!


Took the plugs out of the motor, put a little oil in the cylinder, and turned it over by hand a few times. All seemed smooth. Do these plugs look okay?