Fuel tank down!

Success tonight! I got the gas tank out and I think I even did it without damaging anything!

I ended up cutting the big filler hose and it was still a PITA and managed to get in the way more than once while trying to bring down the tank. I used my jack to support the tank and it took a few hard shakes to break it free. On the way down the AC lines gave me the most trouble and I had to work the tank around them.

I found a few extra hoses that I didn’t see mentioned in other gas tank removal posts (the two little ones at the top).

I was VERY happy when I took the pump out and found the inside of the tank looked perfect!

Fuel Tank Drop

My next goal is to drop the fuel tank to take a peek inside and see how it looks (because it’s been sitting for so long). I didn’t get as far as I wanted but I got the center console off and the wires down to the fuel pump disconnected. (Ignore that red wire, I think it goes to the orange LED to let me know when the engine bay fan is running but I am not sure it ever worked)

I made more progress on the gas tank (wheel bearing is still a work in progress). I ended up having to jack up the front of the car as well to get room underneath to work with the gas tank.

From there I disconnected the e-brake cables. I was not able to completely feed these through the bracket shown so I just moved the bracket and cables out of the way.

I was unable to drop the tank as I couldn’t get the main gas fill line off. As I read in other posts it was rock hard and I only got it to move a little bit. Once I can confirm I can get another one at my local dealer I might just cut it off and be done with it.