MR2 Awakening

Every few years I get bug up my butt to try and fix my MR2 and now I have it once again. Back around 2006 (sometime after NA2005) my C-160 transmission busted up and I have yet to get it repaired. I am working again with a transmission shop to try and get the parts needed for repair. I moved the car out, gave the tires some air, and gave her a quick wash. I am sure there will be 50 other things wrong with the car now that she has been sitting for so long. I plan to look first at a rear wheel bearing as I know it was going out back when the car was running. My hope is to keep this blog up to date on my progress. Here are a few pics I took today before and after the quick wash. She isn’t ready for a car show but she sure does look better. 🙂

The C-160 is down for the count :(

So driving home from work yesterday I noticed a strange sound coming from the engine bay. As most MR2 owners know, you are always listening for little sounds or funny smells So some further diagnostics while driving home revealed that the sound changed with speed and also load. So while giving the car a little bit of gas (to load the drivetrain) the sound got a bit quieter. Then once I let the car coast there was a lound sort of ticking / grinding sound.

So I pulled over, popped the engine lid and reved it up a bit (to some strange looks from some construction workers). No strange sounds coming from the engine. So I get it limped home and jack up the back end. First thing I do is check the fluid by pulling the overflow bolt. I lil bit of fluid comes out meaning the tranny is full. Simple solution number 1 eliminated.

So I put the car in gear and spin one wheel. The other responds as it should spinning in the other direction and I can hear something is not right in the transaxle.

So thinking it through, it can’t be the clutch, as the clutch was engaged during my test (and therefore wouldn’t be spinning at all). So I am thinking something in the “transaxle” part of the transmission like the diff or something.

So now I have to drain the fluid, take out the axles and tulips, and see if I can find anything wrong. If that doesn’t work then I have to drop the tranny…ugh.

Transmission mount

Well it took a lil more than “a strip of flat steel and a couple of drilled holes” but you are looking at a modified tranny mount for the C-160 transmission to fit in an MKI MR2!

Board member “truebluemr2” did all of the fabraction and has done an awesome job. He has been an invaluable help during my swap! 🙂 I will post more pics later.

Transmission progress

I finally did some more work on my 20v swap 🙂 I got the transmission pretty much figured out. The pics below show the completed selector shaft assembly:

Next step is for the engine to go in so I can figure out my tranny mount install and linkage install.

My midnight delivery!

So my story begins…

My garage so cold and empty…

Then out of the darkness…a light… … with this:

with much groaning and some big 2x4s here it rests:


AE111 Blacktop with 6-speed transaxle

Swap to come within the next year 🙂