Based on the write up by EricS, the engine lid latch needs to be trimmed in order for the stock Blacktop surge tank to fit. That is one of the reasons why I decided to go with an open filter setup, also the fact that it looks cool :). I have yet to find a source for velocity stacks/air horns that will fit on the BT throttle body (Update: See the Resources section for info on 20v velocity stacks). So for now I took the stock runners that were in the surge tank and trimmed them back allowing me to fit K&N filters on each throttle body. I know this isn’t the best setup for low end power, it is only temporary. I plan to find or modify some velocity stacks to mount to the throttle bodies and fit inside the K&N filter.


Update 09/20/05 – I was able to get some velocity stacks from T3. I do not use them yet because I have not ordered filters to go over them (no I won’t run filterless, this is my daily driver!). I know EricS on the MR2OC found some filters that fit.


K&N Part Number: RU-0600
K&N Part Number for Crankcase Vent Filter: 62-1320


The filter and plate showed up today based on input in burdickjp’s thread and a quick test fit showed everything should fit nicely even with the new strut bar. I also took a shot of the stack in the filter, Pipercross suggests at least 19mm from the stack to the filter, got that covered. For reference I ordered the C604D filter and C6006 blank plate. I hope to get the holes cut tomorrow at work for the throttle bodies and mounting screws.

Got the stacks and filter installed today!