As my MR2 approached its 20th birthday and engine approached its 230,000th mile I came to the realization that soon something would need to be done to the engine. As it stands there are no major problems with the stock 16v 4AGE (pretty amazing after 230,000 miles). But I autocross the car from time to time and was looking to freshen up the engine a bit. I went about figuring out what kind of engine rebuild I would want and what was allowed in my SCCA autocross class (E Stock).

After researching prices I started to look at other solutions i.e. an engine swap. I had heard some talk of the “20v” but really didn’t take much interest. Only until I dived in a little more did I realize what an interesting and fun swap it could be. As you can read in my History section I am interested in keeping my car fairly clean. No cutting, no hacking, nothing that can’t be reversed or taken off. So I was happy to hear that the 20v engine would bolt up to the mr2 mounts with out any hassle. Figure out some wiring, make some coolant lines and make an exhaust, drill on the transmission, extend this and that, these were the only main things that needed to be done to complete the swap.

So after thinking it over for awhile (5-10 mins) I decided to pursue this swap. Many choices arose, Silvertop or Blacktop? 5-speed or 6-speed? engine on a crate or front clip? I decided that the Blacktop would fit my needs best. I don’t plan on going with a turbo or any major modifications and the Blacktop puts down the most power in stock form (compared to the Silvertop). I also decided to go with the C-160 6-speed transmission. I knew that this would be more original and difficult (if I only knew how much at the time) than the 5-speed option. So I bought a front clip from Jarco Inc and the swap is still in progress. Read up in the other sections to see the Progress and other aspects of the swap.

NOTE: Most of the swap info has not been moved over into the new website format.  To get the most info visit the 20v Swap section of the old site.