Fog Lights

Over the past 3-4 days I have been working to install a new pair of fog lights on my MR2. I’ll be adding my final schematic (that went through 3-4 revisions) and some work in progress shots to help those in the future.

On to the pictures!

First up is a shot of the fogs mounted. Mounting was by far the easiest part. I removed a bolt holding the metal bar on the bottom side of the bumper and had to replace it with a slightly longer bolt due to the thickness of the fog light mount.

For the wiring I’ll be attaching a schematic but it consists of one relay and an OEM fog light switch from Paul Sims in the UK. I had several issues getting the circuit right. Part of the issues came from wanting the fog lights to only be able to be turned on when the headlights are on and also the little lamp in the fog light switch.

This is the switch off, and then on (there was just a blank there before)

These lights basically have two modes. When the running lights are on the Koito logo shines through the cover. When the headlights are turned on (and the Fog Light switch pressed) the covers open and the main fog lamps turn on

Here is a short video of them in operation:

I still need to add a fuse at the fog lights and there is one other issue to address.

The covers will only close when the headlights are off and running lights are on. This takes 5-10 seconds. Problem is when I turn off my lights I flip from ON straight to OFF (only passing by the running lights for a split second), this leaves the covers open. I’m working with an EE at work to create a simple time delay circuit that will allow voltage to stay on the lamps long enough for the covers to close. If it gets to be too big of a headache, I might just live with it the way it is 🙂

An electrical engineer at work was nice enough to design and build this little board. It allows a constant +12V to switch in for ~30 seconds after the running lights +12V goes away. This allows the headlight covers time to close when I turn off the lights.