Dome Light

Tonight I fixed my dome light not coming on when set to “door”. The light would turn on when set to ON, and the “Door” light on the console would come on when I opened the doors, so it appeared the courtesy door switches were working, that voltage was getting to the light, and that the bulb was good.

I took a look at the schematic and guessed that there wasn’t a good ground connection when set to “DOOR”. The switch consists of a spring loaded ball that connects two contact points depending on it’s position. Using some alcohol I cleaned the ball as best I could and used some mild sand paper to clean up the contact points. Using a DMM I was able to measure a better connection now from the bulb to the connection wired to the door courtesy switches and eventually ground. I re-installed the light and it now worked like a champ in all settings! Now I need to replace the rotted light cover 🙂

Got a new dome light lens from the dealer today, PN 81241-20060. Much better than the old one that was cracked and falling apart.