Arm Rest and Shift Pattern

Today I recovered the arm rest on the center console as it had cracked where I usually put my elbow. The process went pretty smooth, my Dad had repaired it once already so we just pulled off his covering, cut a new piece to fit, sprayed with general adhesive, and folded it all over! Turned out pretty good I think and should last for a few years 🙂

The next little project is going to be updating the little metal plate on the center console that has the shift pattern. I pulled the one out of my parts car that has the shift pattern missing and I am going to try and put on/transfer the pattern I saved off of the Levin clip

I got the arm rest installed and made some progress on the shift pattern:

I found some inkjet window decal sheets I had from another project and printed the pattern on there. So I painted the plate white and will mask off the pattern and respray the top black with a clear coat to protect it all. That’s the idea anyway 🙂