Brake Issues

I cleaned up a few more things, put the axles on, and had a buddy come over and help me bleed the clutch. I was able to get the car in gear (back still on jack stands) and all seemed well. I pressed on the brakes, which had been stiff before, to see how they felt with the motor running. There was zero pedal play until I pressed a bit harder and POP the pedal went to the floor. Now the whole time the car has been sitting the brakes system was never touched or opened. This leads me to think something in the booster or master cylinder was stuck and broke. So much for the test drive. Soon I’ll be taking the master cylinder off and seeing what happened.

I took the brake master cylinder off today, I think it’s why my brakes stopped working.

The BGB told me to use compressed air to try and get the piston out. The piston seems stuck but the air caused a nice stream of brake fluid to shoot out and onto my ceiling

I cranked my compressor up to max PSI (120) and I couldn’t get the piston to budge. I think it’s jammed up and that’s why there is no pressure on my pedal.

I visited my parts car that my Dad has been very nice to keep in the woods in his backyard. Nature has kind of had its way with the car and the interior is pretty shot due to some neighborhood kids busting out the windows awhile back. I came for the master cylinder after finding a replacement would cost upwards of $200. I had a good 5-10 minutes before the mosquitoes found me and was able to remove it with little issue.